Welcome - International Skin care Nursing Group

Vision: Through optimal use of the nursing resource and in collaboration with other professionals and agencies, the world's population will have access to adequate facilities and resources for the promotion of healthy skin for all. 
Key Objective: Through its activities ISNG aims to raise the profile of skin health and the contribution that nurses can make in this area of health care. Broadly speaking the group's objectives relate to marshalling and co-ordinating the existing skills and resources in skin care nursing and making these available to all.
Aims of ISNG
Promote awareness of:
  • The importance of skin care as a core function in the role of all nurses
  • Skin disease as a significant public health concern requiring nursing contributions
  • Education for nurses on skin health & inter-professional learning
  • Develop national networks for nurses
  • Maintain an expert panel of nurses as an international resource on skin health and skin care 
  • Support research & development into the nursing contribution to skin care worldwide
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